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Garage doors are raised and lowered frequently and such frequent heavy lifting inevitably brings wear and tear to the garage door. Some of its moving parts are bound to breakdown eventually especially the springs. Breakage of garage door springs can be extremely dangerous as when the door is closed or opened it gets stretched which in turn puts a lot of stress upon the springs. And if the springs are old or damaged they break and fly with full force hurting anyone within the vicinity.

The only way to avoid such situation is by knowing the signs that indicate your garage door springs are getting worn down. So that you can anticipate the need for garage door spring repair and avoid any sort of emergency situation.

For recognizing that the garage door spring is going out first of all you need to identify the type of spring attached to your garage door as different springs have different mechanisms. Usually there are two types of garage door springs i.e. Torsion springs and extension springs.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

In case of torsion springs to check whether they need a replacement or repair you can perform two things:

  • Disengage automatic garage door opener and raise the door manually. If they stay up on their own then the springs are perfectly fine else they need to be repaired or replaced.
  • Move the door to mid-level i.e. in between fully raised and fully lowered. Again if the door stays up on its own that’s good else they need a replacement or repair.

In case of extension springs although the sign of failure is the same as in the case of a torsion spring still there are few things you need to check for confirmation of spring breakage.

  • Check for any gap in the coils, if found that means the steel with which the spring is made of has given up and hence the spring is unable to produce tension to move the garage door.
  • Look out if the right and left side of your garage door are correctly aligned or not. This indicates that the springs are worn out.
  • Again if the clips and loops show any sign of wear and tear get confirmed that there is a need for garage door spring replacement.

Once you have recognized that garage door springs are needed to be replaced or repaired contact a trustworthy garage door spring replacement service provider to help you out.


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