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When you’re able to leave your home, you press the garage door opener. Certainly, find, nothing happens? Now, what will you do?

Well, there’s a chance your garage door spring may be broken. You should go for garage door springs replacement.

But don’t make an attempt to fix broken garage door torsion springs. Only let a certified garage door company do the garage door torsion spring repair.

Replacement or repair of torsion spring is dangerous. It requires years of experience and technical skills to accomplish it.

Call your nearest garage door technicians right away, if you need help with garage door springs replacement.

But before going in detail, you should know about the torsion spring in a better way.

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What is a Torsion Spring –

Just look at the garage door from inside your garage. Certainly, you’ll see a long spring mounted along the top of the garage door. That’s nothing but the torsion spring.

However, torsion springs play a key role in garage door operation. Usually, when the garage door opens up, the cables connected with the spring start winding up.

Remember that, rust and cold weather can weaken the springs – leads to damage the torsion springs. This is why it’s recommended to consider a yearly garage door maintenance and tune-up.

How Do You Know Your Garage Door Torsion Spring Need Replacement –

  1. Check Overall Appearance of the Spring –

To detect whether a spring is broken, you just look at it daily. Here are some of the signs you should look for:

– When you find the spring stretched out

It indicates that there’s no mechanical tension or energy in the spring. More often, you will see this at the time of closing a garage door.

– When there’s a gap in the spring 

When you find any gap in the spring, you should know that the spring is at the end of its lifespan. The tension in the spring is lost and makes it snap.

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  1. Check the Garage Door Appearance and Its Function –

Another way to identify if your torsion spring needs replacement is by checking the entire garage door. But how? Check for all these signs;

– When the garage door looks off track while operating.

– When the top area of the door is misaligned.

– When the garage door opens up to inches and then closes.

– When the garage door falls harshly while closing.

– When the garage door doesn’t open.

– When the cables connected to the springs start dangling.

  1. Check for a Loud Noise –

Has your torsion spring snapped? If yes, you will hear a loud bang. Though the torsion spring comprises of the huge amount of pressure and energy, they are bound to make quite a noise when broken.

Usually, garage doors create a buzzing mechanical sound. So, don’t think it as the sound of broken torsion spring.

Call the Pros for Garage Door Springs Replacement –

It’s obvious that you can’t take the stress and dangerous consequences of your garage door springs replacement. So just don’t do it yourself. That’s why Washington DC Garage Door is here for garage door torsion spring repair and replacement.

Repairing a broken garage door spring requires specialized tools and expertise. Even, safety measures are the must for proper replacement.

Contact Washington DC Garage Door to do garage door springs replacement and we’ll get it done properly and safely as soon as possible.