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A garage is the space that not everyone gets to experience the royalty. If you own a home graced with a garage to use for storage, parking your vehicle and having fun downtime with your friends in, then you should know what are the signs of your garage door mat need a repair. Just like every parts of garage door, the garage door spring may also need a repair. You may rarely think about serving garage door springs, so repairs are sometimes necessary.

If you’ve been experiencing problems with garage door springs lately, it must be inconvenient for you as it can leave your home more vulnerable. Sometimes the root cause of damaged garage door is broken spring. Again, if you think your garage door spring has stopped working due to broken spring, then considering overhead garage door spring repair can be a good decision.

Garage Door Springs –

A garage door can’t be lifted itself as the springs help it lift the garage door. But they can wind and unwind oftentimes. However, the time the door opens and closes usually help you determine how long the garage door spring will last. When these springs are damaged, the motor can no longer lift the door on its own.

There are two types of garage door springs – extension springs that are parallel to the track and torsion springs which are parallel to the door.

Common Signs that Need Garage Door Spring Repair –

The most common signs that indicate you should consider overhead garage door spring repair right away – which include:

  1. If the garage door can’t open or close.
  2. If the garage door makes loud noises while operating.
  3. If the garage door doesn’t operate smoothly (Indicating that the spring could be out of balance)

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How Do You Fix Broken Garage Door Spring –

If you find your garage door spring broken -or don’t have any idea of what exactly the problem is but your door doesn’t work properly, you should act right away. It’s due to the fact that, when a garage door stops working, this isn’t something that can wait! Even, these springs are under huge amount of tension; which can cause damage to you and your loved ones, if you don’t know what exactly you’re doing. Moreover, a broken garage door spring needs an  immediate overhead garage door spring repair.

A periodic check of the Garage Door Spring is highly recommended.

Therefore, you should contact a trusted garage door repair service – Washington DC Garage Door specializes in offering someone professional you can call at any point of time and can deliver professional assistance for all your garage door repair needs. So, instead of letting broken springs slow you down, feel free to choose technicians for garage door springs repair of Washington DC Garage Door so that they will come out and inspect your garage door right away. Though replacing garage door springs is not a DIY task, you should contact our garage door spring repair pro today.

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