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A garage door opener ensures a convenient and smooth operation (like opening or closing) with the touch of a button. To ensure safety and security, the openers are built with safety features, which reduces the risk of injuries.

If you want to buy a garage door opener that will prove to be worth for your residential property in Washington, DC, then please consider the below few points to make the right purchase:

1. Think about the Safety:

The heaviest and largest moving part of your home- the garage doors can be quite dangerous in any case of malfunction. In order to make sure the garage doors are operating in a safe way, you need to choose the right type of door opener. By keeping safety in mind, you need to select the garage door opener having some specific safety features like manual stop buttons, motion detectors, and automatic reverse system. These safety features of a garage door will help in preventing the accidental injuries and keep your family safe.


2. Type of Garage Door Opener:

In the market, you will find there are multiple types of garage door openers such as the chain-drive, screw-drive, belt-drive and direct-drive door openers. Each garage door opener has some useful properties to deliver the best results. It is important for you to choose the type of garage door opener that suits your purpose. You must also consider the maintenance involved before choosing the desired type of garage door opener.

3. Consider the Work Load:

It is important to choose a garage door opener by considering a number of times you use the opener in a day. By considering the weight of the garage door, you may go for a heavier or lighter duty opener. In case you need to use the opener several times a day, then opt for a durable garage door opener that can be able to handle a heavier workload.

4. Choose the Power:

You can power your garage door openers with AC or DC that will offer you some great benefits. An AC-powered garage door openers will offer a consistent speed depending on the size of the garage door. Whereas the DC-powered garage door openers are known for providing smoother and quieter operation as well as also ensures faster opening speed. The DC-powered garage door openers can be outfitted with a battery backup in case of power failure.

You can buy top quality residential garage door opener from Washington DC Garage Door to get the best solution for a smooth, safe and convenient operation. We are one of the most reputable garage door service providers in Washington, DC that offers a broad selection of door openers having great features and are capable of delivering high performance and durability. Whether you want to buy a garage door opener or hire a professional garage door opener repair service in Washington, DC, we are always ready to deliver the highest standard of service and professionalism.

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