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If you are like most of the home owners, you may be very much familiar with the concept of DIY maintenance & repairs. Whether it is to save some dollars or you enjoy doing something creative, DIY process can always be enticing. However, one thing we tend to overlook is that DIY approaches can actually guide to supplementary and unneeded expenditures, not to say homeowners’ wellbeing at risk, especially when it comes to garage door torsion spring repair or replacement.

A considerable number of general people mayn’t be conscious of the precise role performed by the overhead door torsion spring. Basically, it’s the torsion spring that performs the majority of the work to lower and lift the burden of the overhead door, which in result can often weigh more than 400 pounds. And to do this important operation, the torsion spring should function under considerable tension. This tension manages the open and close speed of a bulky door and thus lessen any possible injury to the door its accessories, to personal property, and most essentially to any family members getting into or exiting the garage.

garage door repair

Although it’s said that a garage door torsion spring will last approximately 7-10 years, but there’re many aspects that may cause these springs to malfunction before time. These cause includes:

  • Inappropriate installation

  • Excess wear & tear

  • Fail to give regular maintenance

  • Added weight to the door (post-install)

  • Door imbalanced or out of alignment

  • Extended exposure to chilled temperature

When a torsion spring malfunctions, the overhead door will basically be rendered unserviceable in a fully or partially closed position: and this can mean significant inconvenience for a household if they don’t get access to utilize their vehicles or denied entry to their property through this exact entrance. Beside that, there could be safety issues with regards to quiting the home through in case of a fire hazard or any other emergency.

garage door repair

Therefore, it’s rather thinkable that the home owner will wish to have a defective torsion spring substituted as quick as feasible, and the most expected way to do so would be the DIY route. However, if you don’t have adequate experience or training in working with high-tension garage door spring, there are a higher possibility of causing personal injury to yourself. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that the task of Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement or repair should better left to the skilled hands of Washington DC Garage Door. This won’t just make sure that the spring is fitted perfectly, with a proper volume of tension for the load of the door, but also preclude any unintentional yet possibly pricey damage to other door parts and anyone standing behind or going through it.