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Introducing Torsion Spring: –

A Torsion spring is nothing but an ordinary spring that operates by twisting or torsion. It is a flexible, elastic object that stores mechanical energy, when it’s twisted. During the twisting mechanism, it actually exerts a force (torque) in the opposite direction; which is directly proportional to the amount of angle it’s twisted.

When it comes to a garage door, torsion springs play a key role while opening or closing it every time. Here is a few important point discussed about torsion springs you should know before considering an installation of a garage door or the garage door springs repair:

Broken Garage Door

Broken Garage Door

Important Things To Know About Garage Door Torsion Springs: –

Working Principle Of Torsion Springs: –

Likewise any spring, torsion springs store mechanical energy; which makes them tighten. They store energy through a twisting or rotating movement. The benefit of torsion springs over conventional springs is that they are able to store more energy because they are manufactured from denser materials.

What Exactly Torsion Springs Do: –

Torsion springs are generally mounted horizontally above the opening of a garage door. Whenever you pull down the garage door, cables connected to the corners at the bottom part force the springs to wind up, energizing the whole system. When you open the garage doors, the springs unwind and their energy gets transferred to the door, helping it to lift up and make it quite easy to open.

Life Cycle and Tension Rating: –

Though the garage door opens and closes time and time again, the steel present in the spring can weaken as the door gradually becomes heavy, rendering them less efficient. Eventually, the springs start breaking, leaving the door closed. They can also get affected by cold weather and rust. The good news is that the average garage door springs will last between 5 to 7 years and around 10,000 cycles. This means, if you open and close the door 3 to 5 times a day for over 365 days in a year, you should get most out your torsion springs.

Dangers and Risks: –

With a broken torsion spring, a garage door can fall down at a quick pace and can cause death or injury. However, the most common circumstance happens when your torsion springs break and you decide to repair or replace them on your own. Though the springs can be dangerous, you need the exact tools and knowledge for the job, but also to have a good knowledge of mechanics. Remember one thing that some of the parts of garage doors can be life threatening; that’s why it’s always recommended you to seek help from professional technician rather than doing its replacement or repair by yourself.

Conclusion: –

With years of experience and knowledge of latest tools, technology, it’s necessary to hire a professional company like Washington Garage Door for garage door springs repair. We have a team of qualified technicians to replace or remove torsion springs.

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