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The chain drive garage door openers are possibly the most used garage door openers nowadays. Not just they’re the most affordable, but they’re readily accessible in several hardware & department stores making them the most convenient in the garage door industry. However, proper maintenance is essential to make the most of your chain drive garage door opener in the coming years. If you are the owner of a chain drive garage door opener, here are some maintenance tips that you should be following for the best performance:3275

Loose hardware guides to issues:

With the continuous use, the hardware of your garage door openers will start to loose itself. Twice or thrice a year you must take a screwdriver, ratchet, or adjustable wrench and tighten all the nuts & bolds firmly. If you ignore this issue you may have serious problems latter, for example, pieces falling or chain binding & breaking.

Lubricate the chain:

Upkeep of your garage door opener must be accomplished on at least a half-yearly basis. Throughout this period you must inject some lubricant to the chain drive. This will decrease the volume of sound sourced via the chain and the chain will travel much smoother by decreasing the volume of friction that’s sourced by the metal contact.

Fine-tune the chain limit:

At least twice a year you must inspect to see if the chain have any slack inside it because this slack will make the gate to close extremely hard and not open smoothly. This is a typical happening that’ll take place after few years of continuous use. However, by employing the limit screw you can decrease the gap in your chain.

Lubricate door rails:

Besides the garage gate requiring to be maintained, you’ll aid the openers to a great extent by making certain that the garage gate is also well cared for. This’ll only need that you inspect the bolts on the garage gate slides on each surface of the opening. You must also lubricate your garage door wheels so they’ll glide effortlessly without any binding.

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