Understand Your Garage Door’s Torsion Spring


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When you schedule a professional garage door repair service for your home, the door technician may take some time to reassess the safety & performance of your overhead door spring. You must understand that a broken garage door spring can prompt a safety issue to every member of your family if kept unattended. However, by hiring a professional garage door repair service, you can rest assured that your overhead door torsion spring is going to operate without any fault. Let’s talk about how a torsion spring work and the vital part that they play in the operation of your overhead door.

Broken Garage Door

How do torsion springs work in garage doors?

The torsion spring is a high tension part probably the most important part of any overhead door. Because of the distinctive physical attributes of a spring, torsion springs are able to accumulate energy inside their coils. When the springs are retracted, they’ll be capable of storing a large volume of energy. When the spring is discharged, the power from the coil is discharged into the garage opening machinery. However, torsion springs are different from typical springs as they’re made of a stronger & sturdier material.

Torsion springs & your overhead door:

Torsion springs play an important part in the closing and opening of your overhead door. Usually, a torsion spring needs to be placed  on top of your garage opening. When your overhead door is closed, the spring will roll its coil. Once you push the switch of the garage door opener, the spring will unroll. The action of unrolling offers power to the overhead door opener & makes the bulky door simpler to lift.

garage door repair

How to maintain your torsion spring properly:

Being the owner of an overhead door, it’s really essential to ensure that your torsion spring is maintained properly. With heavy usage, the coil in your torsion spring will undergo a natural level of wear & tear. If you ignore to have your garage door torsion spring repaired by a professional, your overhead door may fall short to lift safely which may cause physical damage. A professional garage door repair unit can easily assess the condition of your torsion spring & let you know when it’s time for a substitution.

Many home owners think this as a DYI task  as a follower of some Blogs or Photos or videos available online to them however it is a very very dangerous and risky  to repair or replace the Springs of your Garage door.  You need to check with a Garage door specialist for such Spring repair and Garage door maintenance.

For professional Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement or repair, you can always count on the service offered by Washington DC Garage Door. We specialize in delivering the highest quality of installation, repair, and replacement of garage door torsion springs. To get a free estimate, contact us on (202) 683 6040.

How Do You Handle Damaged Garage Door Springs?

A garage is the space that not everyone gets to experience the royalty. If you own a home graced with a garage to use for storage, parking your vehicle and having fun downtime with your friends in, then you should know what are the signs of your garage door mat need a repair. Just like every parts of garage door, the garage door spring may also need a repair. You may rarely think about serving garage door springs, so repairs are sometimes necessary.

If you’ve been experiencing problems with garage door springs lately, it must be inconvenient for you as it can leave your home more vulnerable. Sometimes the root cause of damaged garage door is broken spring. Again, if you think your garage door spring has stopped working due to broken spring, then considering overhead garage door spring repair can be a good decision.

Garage Door Springs –

A garage door can’t be lifted itself as the springs help it lift the garage door. But they can wind and unwind oftentimes. However, the time the door opens and closes usually help you determine how long the garage door spring will last. When these springs are damaged, the motor can no longer lift the door on its own.

There are two types of garage door springs – extension springs that are parallel to the track and torsion springs which are parallel to the door.

Common Signs that Need Garage Door Spring Repair –

The most common signs that indicate you should consider overhead garage door spring repair right away – which include:

1. If the garage door can’t open or close.

2. If the garage door makes loud noises while operating.

3. If the garage door doesn’t operate smoothly (Indicating that the spring could be out of balance)

How Do You Fix Broken Garage Door Spring –

If you find your garage door spring broken -or don’t have any idea of what exactly the problem is but your door doesn’t work properly, you should act right away. It’s due to the fact that, when a garage door stops working, this isn’t something that can wait! Even, these springs are under huge amount of tension; which can cause damage to you and your loved ones, if you don’t know what exactly you’re doing. Moreover, a broken garage door spring needs an immediate overhead garage door spring repair.

A periodic check of the Garage Door Spring is highly recommended.

Therefore, you should contact a trusted garage door repair service – Washington DC Garage Door specializes in offering someone professional you can call at any point of time and can deliver professional assistance for all your garage door repair needs. So, instead of letting broken springs slow you down, feel free to choose technicians for garage door springs repair of Washington DC Garage Door so that they will come out and inspect your garage door right away. Though replacing garage door springs is not a DIY task, you should contact our garage door spring repair pro today.

For immediate help with repairing garage door springs, don’t hesitate to visit our website at http://www.dc-garagedoor.com/contactus.php or stay connected with us on (202) 683-6040!

Tips to Choose a Functional Residential Garage Door Opener


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A garage door opener ensures a convenient and smooth operation (like opening or closing) with the touch of a button. To ensure safety and security, the openers are built with safety features, which reduces the risk of injuries.

If you want to buy a garage door opener that will prove to be worth for your residential property in Washington, DC, then please consider the below few points to make the right purchase:

1. Think about the Safety:

The heaviest and largest moving part of your home- the garage doors can be quite dangerous in any case of malfunction. In order to make sure the garage doors are operating in a safe way, you need to choose the right type of door opener. By keeping safety in mind, you need to select the garage door opener having some specific safety features like manual stop buttons, motion detectors, and automatic reverse system. These safety features of a garage door will help in preventing the accidental injuries and keep your family safe.


2. Type of Garage Door Opener:

In the market, you will find there are multiple types of garage door openers such as the chain-drive, screw-drive, belt-drive and direct-drive door openers. Each garage door opener has some useful properties to deliver the best results. It is important for you to choose the type of garage door opener that suits your purpose. You must also consider the maintenance involved before choosing the desired type of garage door opener.

3. Consider the Work Load:

It is important to choose a garage door opener by considering a number of times you use the opener in a day. By considering the weight of the garage door, you may go for a heavier or lighter duty opener. In case you need to use the opener several times a day, then opt for a durable garage door opener that can be able to handle a heavier workload.

4. Choose the Power:

You can power your garage door openers with AC or DC that will offer you some great benefits. An AC-powered garage door openers will offer a consistent speed depending on the size of the garage door. Whereas the DC-powered garage door openers are known for providing smoother and quieter operation as well as also ensures faster opening speed. The DC-powered garage door openers can be outfitted with a battery backup in case of power failure.

You can buy top quality residential garage door opener from Washington DC Garage Door to get the best solution for a smooth, safe and convenient operation. We are one of the most reputable garage door service providers in Washington, DC that offers a broad selection of door openers having great features and are capable of delivering high performance and durability. Whether you want to buy a garage door opener or hire a professional garage door opener repair service in Washington, DC, we are always ready to deliver the highest standard of service and professionalism.

To get a free estimate, please give us a call today at (202) 683-6040!

Garage Door Torsion Spring Secrets That Every Homeowner Should Know


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If you are like most of the home owners, you may be very much familiar with the concept of DIY maintenance & repairs. Whether it is to save some dollars or you enjoy doing something creative, DIY process can always be enticing. However, one thing we tend to overlook is that DIY approaches can actually guide to supplementary and unneeded expenditures, not to say homeowners’ wellbeing at risk, especially when it comes to garage door torsion spring repair or replacement.

A considerable number of general people mayn’t be conscious of the precise role performed by the overhead door torsion spring. Basically, it’s the torsion spring that performs the majority of the work to lower and lift the burden of the overhead door, which in result can often weigh more than 400 pounds. And to do this important operation, the torsion spring should function under considerable tension. This tension manages the open and close speed of a bulky door and thus lessen any possible injury to the door its accessories, to personal property, and most essentially to any family members getting into or exiting the garage.

garage door repair

Although it’s said that a garage door torsion spring will last approximately 7-10 years, but there’re many aspects that may cause these springs to malfunction before time. These cause includes:

  • Inappropriate installation

  • Excess wear & tear

  • Fail to give regular maintenance

  • Added weight to the door (post-install)

  • Door imbalanced or out of alignment

  • Extended exposure to chilled temperature

When a torsion spring malfunctions, the overhead door will basically be rendered unserviceable in a fully or partially closed position: and this can mean significant inconvenience for a household if they don’t get access to utilize their vehicles or denied entry to their property through this exact entrance. Beside that, there could be safety issues with regards to quiting the home through in case of a fire hazard or any other emergency.

garage door repair

Therefore, it’s rather thinkable that the home owner will wish to have a defective torsion spring substituted as quick as feasible, and the most expected way to do so would be the DIY route. However, if you don’t have adequate experience or training in working with high-tension garage door spring, there are a higher possibility of causing personal injury to yourself. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that the task of Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement or repair should better left to the skilled hands of Washington DC Garage Door. This won’t just make sure that the spring is fitted perfectly, with a proper volume of tension for the load of the door, but also preclude any unintentional yet possibly pricey damage to other door parts and anyone standing behind or going through it.

Top 4 Important Things To Know About Commercial Garage Door Torsion Spring


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Introducing Torsion Spring: –

A Torsion spring is nothing but an ordinary spring that operates by twisting or torsion. It is a flexible, elastic object that stores mechanical energy, when it’s twisted. During the twisting mechanism, it actually exerts a force (torque) in the opposite direction; which is directly proportional to the amount of angle it’s twisted.

When it comes to a garage door, torsion springs play a key role while opening or closing it every time. Here is a few important point discussed about torsion springs you should know before considering an installation of a garage door or the garage door springs repair:

Broken Garage Door

Broken Garage Door

Important Things To Know About Garage Door Torsion Springs: –

Working Principle Of Torsion Springs: –

Likewise any spring, torsion springs store mechanical energy; which makes them tighten. They store energy through a twisting or rotating movement. The benefit of torsion springs over conventional springs is that they are able to store more energy because they are manufactured from denser materials.

What Exactly Torsion Springs Do: –

Torsion springs are generally mounted horizontally above the opening of a garage door. Whenever you pull down the garage door, cables connected to the corners at the bottom part force the springs to wind up, energizing the whole system. When you open the garage doors, the springs unwind and their energy gets transferred to the door, helping it to lift up and make it quite easy to open.

Life Cycle and Tension Rating: –

Though the garage door opens and closes time and time again, the steel present in the spring can weaken as the door gradually becomes heavy, rendering them less efficient. Eventually, the springs start breaking, leaving the door closed. They can also get affected by cold weather and rust. The good news is that the average garage door springs will last between 5 to 7 years and around 10,000 cycles. This means, if you open and close the door 3 to 5 times a day for over 365 days in a year, you should get most out your torsion springs.

Dangers and Risks: –

With a broken torsion spring, a garage door can fall down at a quick pace and can cause death or injury. However, the most common circumstance happens when your torsion springs break and you decide to repair or replace them on your own. Though the springs can be dangerous, you need the exact tools and knowledge for the job, but also to have a good knowledge of mechanics. Remember one thing that some of the parts of garage doors can be life threatening; that’s why it’s always recommended you to seek help from professional technician rather than doing its replacement or repair by yourself.

Conclusion: –

With years of experience and knowledge of latest tools, technology, it’s necessary to hire a professional company like Washington Garage Door for garage door springs repair. We have a team of qualified technicians to replace or remove torsion springs.

For more information about overhead garage door repair with Washington DC Garage Door, browse through our website today or reach us online!

How To Maintain Your Chain Drive Garage Door Opener


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The chain drive garage door openers are possibly the most used garage door openers nowadays. Not just they’re the most affordable, but they’re readily accessible in several hardware & department stores making them the most convenient in the garage door industry. However, proper maintenance is essential to make the most of your chain drive garage door opener in the coming years. If you are the owner of a chain drive garage door opener, here are some maintenance tips that you should be following for the best performance:3275

Loose hardware guides to issues:

With the continuous use, the hardware of your garage door openers will start to loose itself. Twice or thrice a year you must take a screwdriver, ratchet, or adjustable wrench and tighten all the nuts & bolds firmly. If you ignore this issue you may have serious problems latter, for example, pieces falling or chain binding & breaking.

Lubricate the chain:

Upkeep of your garage door opener must be accomplished on at least a half-yearly basis. Throughout this period you must inject some lubricant to the chain drive. This will decrease the volume of sound sourced via the chain and the chain will travel much smoother by decreasing the volume of friction that’s sourced by the metal contact.

Fine-tune the chain limit:

At least twice a year you must inspect to see if the chain have any slack inside it because this slack will make the gate to close extremely hard and not open smoothly. This is a typical happening that’ll take place after few years of continuous use. However, by employing the limit screw you can decrease the gap in your chain.

Lubricate door rails:

Besides the garage gate requiring to be maintained, you’ll aid the openers to a great extent by making certain that the garage gate is also well cared for. This’ll only need that you inspect the bolts on the garage gate slides on each surface of the opening. You must also lubricate your garage door wheels so they’ll glide effortlessly without any binding.

For professional installation or repairing of your chain drive garage door openers, contact D.C Garage Door.

Why Choose Commercial Aluminum Garage Door Installation in Washington DC?


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Want to remodel your business’s exterior in Washington DC? Are you looking for different ways to modernize the look and feel of your commercial property in Washington DC?

Then it becomes important to consider the specific needs for your business in Washington DC, which will help in making the right purchase by selecting a durable and top quality garage door. Please have a look on the below points:

  • The level of maintenance that the new garage door will require

  • Ease of operation and compatibility with your business

  • Do you want energy efficiency

  • Cost of purchase and installation

In this case opting for garage door replacement with highly durable and aesthetically pleasing commercial aluminum garage doors will prove to be cost-effective. service-index3

How aluminum garage doors will prove great for your Washington DC commercial property?

In case of commercial warehouse or production space, upgrading to aluminum garage doors will offer many benefits.

  • Light in Weight- Lighter in weight, aluminum garage doors proves to be suitable for a business that experiences frequent opening and closing operation of the garage. Aluminum garage doors light in weight will help in extending the life of your torsion spring and opening mechanism significantly.

  • Acts as Weather Resistant- Aluminum garage door for your commercial property in Washington DC will survive in case of exposure to harsh weather condition.

  • Good Insulation Qualities- One of the biggest advantages of aluminum garage doors for your Washington DC commercial property that is has great level of thermal efficiency. This helps in keeping heating and cooling costs under control, which works great for office or workspace.

Special Features of Aluminum Garage Door that will prove great for installing at your commercial property in Washington DC:

  • Clear anodized aluminum construction

  • Wide top rails, bottom rails and stiles (this creates additional perimeter strength)

  • Extrusion feature that has a closed construction for a rigid frame

  • Maximum strength and integrity with hidden through-bolt assembly

  • Superior joint strength and weather resistance because of tongue and groove meeting rails

  • Solid sections with strong aluminum panels

Where to get top quality commercial aluminum garage doors in Washington DC?

DC Garage Door offers wide selection of garage doors such as aluminum full view, rolling steel and ribbed steel for commercial and residential properties in Washington DC.

We excel in providing industry best garage door services in Washington DC. For an affordable garage door repair or garage door installation in Washington DC rely on DC Garage Door. Our entire team of professionals strives hard for achieving 100 percent customer satisfaction by delivering top quality and highly dedicated service.

For getting a free estimation, please call us today at (202) 683-6040.